Next Gens, Next Gen? Google Nexus Orbit

Some years back, Wall Street Journal rumored, Google might be looking to get into the gaming market. Already being the biggest search engine with 1.17 billion users and countless innovations, why wouldn’t this be any different. Raking in 56.7 billion a year and the gaming market estimated to bring 91.5 billion this year with 1.2 billion gamers, seems like a great idea. “Product Designer” Joseph Dumary thought so and took the idea literally. 

Google Nexus Orbit

Dumarys’ creativity and design, though unorthodox is beautiful in my opinion. Being a PC and console gamer I can appreciate the best of both worlds. Rather it’s design being the focal point, it’s the Orbits features that set it apart. 


Utilizing “DPConnect Advanced” a new technology developed by Google, the console has the ability to connect wirelessly to any DPC TV or HDMI all while auto detecting the appropriate resolution and audio output. With a maximum wireless distance of 7.5 meters, ability to connect to 4 DPC or HDMI sources it perfect for major events like E3 or others. Not to mention less power consumption with Googles’ Intelligent Power Management or “IPM” for short. The Intelligent Power Management is designed to keep 30% of the battery’s energy and return it when the console is paused for a long time, when you go through the menus or open an app. 

The Nexus Orbit will also incorporate Google Glass within its’ OS, allowing for queing of downloads while browsing the latest edition of your favorite gaming magazine. 

Dumary also envisioned and lists a slew of other Google implementations that the system will boast. Like Google Translate which will bridge the language gap allowing for better communication with your foreign gaming counterparts. “Google Weather And Time Sync” will change what we think of environment dynamics altogether. Based on real-time weather of your location, if it’s raining at 10:00pm where you’re at, it’s raining in game. Though the feature will not be applicable in online play which is understandable. Especially with mmo or multiplayer titles where the server can house players from all over the world. 

Dumarys’ idea of what gaming should be is nothing short of impressive and innovative. With a company like Google it’s definitely doable. Will this be the next gen of next gen? No confirmations have surfaced since the story broke. If it is in development this is one that’s surely to make Sony and Microsoft shake in their boots. I don’t think it will deter their fan base but it will definitely send devs to the drawing table and the console market will get a tad bit more competitive. With that being said and being a gamer at heart I would love to see this hit the market in upcoming years. Gaming is a lifestlye, not a hobby. I will definitely have my ears glued to the grapevine for more developing information and will surely share with my readers. Until then game on and all gamers matter. Level Up Your World! 


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